New acquisition: The Kingfisher’s Debt, by Kura Carpenter

Ah…is it wrong to promote myself??

Paper Road Press

Paper Road Press is delighted to announce that we have acquired Dunedin writer Kura Carpenter’s debut novel, Wicked by Blood: The Kingfisher’s Debt.

Best described as “Outrageous Fortune meets The Dresden Files”, The Kingfisher’s Debt is the story of Tamsin Lee, petty crim, not-so-petty magician – and, thanks to her special abilities and a few poor life choices, first on the call list when the cops discover the body of a baby in the grounds of the local stadium, apparently sacrificed in a magical ritual.

Kura - Hawk head 2

Kura, who lives in Dunedin, New Zealand, enjoys reading classic fiction, practicing calligraphy and designing fabric. She has a greyhound, several chickens, and may or may not have an elderly ninja cat at the time of reading. She also collects vintage sewing machines – but if her husband asks, she’s storing them for a friend.

Look out for The Kingfisher’s Debt in early 2017.

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