President’s Report 2014

One phrase to sum up the year might be: Ebbs and Flows

April and May of 2013 saw me as Secretary, by Sue’s side. In June, I was President and secretary, after Sue took a hiatus from the group. July and August saw guest secretaries, until Kath put her hand up from September on.

We spent several months discussing critiquing, and while we agreed that members do benefit from it, our short meetings don’t really provide the time needed to do us all justice. We continue to explore critiquing options for the group.

2013 saw several new members try out the group. Some have not returned while others continue on with us. We said a sad farewell to Christopher Green who resigned after our August meeting after many years as a member. Happily, he still “stalks” us in our Facebook group. We also farewelled Paul Veart after our March meeting, as he was whisked away to Australia. 2014 has seen member numbers beginning to climb, with several new members joining us.

Judges for the 2013 competitions were: Sandy McKay, Elizabeth Pulford and Rachel Stedman. Carol Krueger judged the first 2014 competition. All judges were kind enough to come along to a meeting and share their experiences as writers and published authors.

My overall sense of the group is a positive one. It’s a good mix of those successfully writing professionally, those striving to do so, and others happy to write as a hobby. The great thing is that each of these groups can learn from the others, and all share one thing in common: a love of writing.

Going forward, we continue to seek opportunities for our members to write, share their writing and their writing success stories, as well as continue to refine their craft through exercises in meetings and information sharing among members.


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